Hillel Kobrovski

Founder and CEO | Podcaster | Cyber Security Technologies Expert | Academic Lecturer & Thought Leader, InnoVate or Die

Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation
AI/ML, Marketing
Hillel Kobrovski


Hillel Kobrovski is a distinguished Humanist and Optimist, whose career spans the intersection of technology, cyber security, and innovative business development. As a Technology Futurist and Cyber Security Trends Researcher, he brings a multidisciplinary approach to his roles, positioning him as a sought-after expert in innovation, marketing, and business development.

Hillel is a trusted advisor to CISOs and CIOs, offering strategic insights and serving as a Cyber Security Tech Brand Strategist. His expertise extends to the role of Cyber & Network Security Solutions Architect, with a specialization in Fortinet technologies since 2004, contributing to the success of numerous projects and FortiGate optimizations.

As a seasoned public speaker and thought leader, he addresses a spectrum of topics, including the future of humanity, the philosophy of technology, cyber security, technology innovation, personal and professional branding, and the future of marketing.