Asaf Pinhas

Managing Partner, The Consultants

Economics, Finance
Entrepreneurship, Start-ups
Asaf Pinhas


Asaf Pinhas works as a Managing Partner at The Consultants, a consulting firm based in North Israel. He is an economist, an analyst, and a business consultant with vast experience in FMCG markets and consumer goods and a great passion for start-ups. Asaf helps his clients by providing market research, financial forecasting, business model building, and project management. Along with his partner, Asaf developed a process in which they are helping customers to understand their needs by asking hard questions and not just by giving direct answers. He believes that numbers and stories go together and he likes to tell the stories behind the numbers or find the numbers behind the story. Asaf holds more than 12 years of professional experience and holds a master's degree from Bar-Ilan University.