Amos Avner

Head of Hi-Tech Business Development, PwC

Technology, Start-ups
Entrepreneurship, Investment
Amos Avner


Amos Avner, currently serving as the Head of Hi-Tech Business Development at PwC, is a seasoned leader with over a decade of experience in Tech Business Development. His expertise extends to co-founding the first Asian-Israeli accelerator, showcasing a dedication to fostering cross-cultural collaboration. In addition to leading PwC's Startup program, Amos holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at StartUpEast, a cross-border early-stage incubator in Israel. As a Captain (in Reserves) in the prestigious 8200 Intelligence Collection Unit of the Israeli Defence Forces, where he led the School of Electronic Intelligence for five years, Amos brings a unique blend of military precision and entrepreneurial spirit to his endeavors. His role in SEAMO Ventures, an accredited accelerator partner of NUS Enterprise Singapore, actively supports overseas early-stage startups in their go-to-market activities across South East Asia, solidifying his influential role in the global startup ecosystem.