Limor Bergman Gross

Executive Coach: Empowering Tech Leaders for Success, LBG Consulting Services Ltd

Coaching, Leadership
Personal Branding, Technology
Limor Bergman Gross


Limor Bergman Gross is an accomplished executive coach with a mission to elevate women in the tech leadership journey. Her career commenced as a software engineer, where she personally experienced the challenges posed by the ever-evolving tech landscape. Her journey from Israel to the United States, all while raising four children, stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth. Specializing in empowering both women and men in tech leadership roles, Limor focuses on cultivating confidence, leadership skills, and innovative thinking. Limor adopts a holistic approach that addresses both external obstacles and the necessary mindset shifts to unlock one's true potential. Her vision is to empower all leaders by fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.